The News Roundup - International

The News Roundup - International

1:43pm Dec 20, 2019
Students and demonstrators participated in protests against India's new citizenship law in Chennai this week. The law creates a new pathway to citizenship for immigrants to India from of all the major religions of South Asia — except Islam.
ARUN SANKAR/AFP via Getty Images

A video of women protecting a protester from the police captured the world’s attention this week. The man was part of the demonstrations against a controversial citizenship bill in India.

From The Wall Street Journal:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government pushed through the bill last week, creating a simplified pathway to citizenship for immigrants of all the major religions of South Asia except Islam. Protests have broken out daily on college campuses and in Muslim-dominated parts of New Delhi and across the country.

Australia’s most populous state declared the second state of emergency in two months over wildfires. In November, scientists told The Guardian that these wildfires were unprecedented in scale.

And a Premier League soccer player, Mesut Özil, spoke out against the oppression of Uighurs in China. Özil plays for Arsenal, and after he tweeted, the Chinese government pulled a state-run broadcast of last weekend’s match against Manchester City.

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Sebastian Walker, Correspondent, Vice @sebwalker

Ishaan Tharoor, Foreign affairs writer, The Washington Post;


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