Diversity Statement

WFDD is licensed to Wake Forest University. All members of the WFDD staff are university employees and therefore must abide by the policies of Wake Forest University. WFDD seeks to broadcast, employ and interview individuals and groups from a diverse community in the thirty-two counties that we serve. Wake Forest University has a diversity initiative with similar goals reflecting the make-up of our surrounding community. Read the Wake Forest University Diversity statement here.

WFDD seeks to recruit from a diverse pool of candidates and to hire individuals with a variety of cultural, ethnic, personal experiences, characteristics and talents that mirror the needs and interests of community in which we live and serve. WFDD endeavors to interview and tell the stories of all of the citizens of the 32 counties covered by our broadcast signal through in-person interviews, live performances, community conversations, and arts demonstrations/discussions. WFDD will explore every opportunity to achieve this diversity of voice/talents and monitor our success on a regular basis.