Unsafe Haven

  • 8:26pm Dec 10, 2018

    Unsafe Haven

    This is “Unsafe Haven,” a 30-minute documentary produced by WFDD’s David Ford, who reports on what happened in the aftermath of the fire and the questions that remain. 

  • 6:00am Dec 07, 2018
    Human Interest Human Interest

    Chapter 5: All The Children

    On an early morning in May, a kitchen fire swept through a low-income apartment in Greensboro. Inside, a refugee family from the Democratic Republic of the Congo—five young siblings and their father—slept.

  • 6:00am Dec 06, 2018
    Health & Safety Health & Safety Politics & Government

    Chapter 4: Really Far, Really Fast

    This week, we’ve been reporting on the aftermath of a tragic fire that spread through a low-rent Greensboro apartment earlier this year, killing five young refugee siblings.

  • 6:00am Dec 04, 2018
    Health & Safety Health & Safety

    Chapter 2: Not Up To Code

    In May, a kitchen fire at a low-rent apartment in Greensboro claimed the lives of five refugee children—siblings from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

  • 7:00am Dec 03, 2018
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    Chapter 1: The Fatal Fire

    It was just over six months ago when a tragedy amplified deep issues within the Greensboro community. Our series, "Unsafe Haven," looks at what happened and the remaining unanswered questions.