Community Advisory Board

88.5 WFDD Community Advisory Board meetings are open to the public and are held at the offices of 88.5 WFDD on the campus of Wake Forest University.  Meetings are held quarterly, generally on the third Wednesday of the first month of each quarter.

2024 Community Advisory Board meetings will be held on the following dates: January 17th, April 17th, July 17th, and October 16th. January's meeting will be a half-day retreat. The remaining meetings will begin at 4pm.

88.5 WFDD is licensed to Wake Forest University and therefore falls under the governance of the university's Board of Trustees. Information about the Wake Forest Board of Trustees is available on the Wake Forest University website

88.5 WFDD's Community Advisory Board (CAB) primarily assists station staff in developing strong community partnerships; advises station management on strategic decisions related to programming and audience development; actively advocates for 88.5 WFDD in the community by being well-versed in the station's mission and vision, programming, audience trends, and fundraising efforts; provides suggestions for potential new donors; and participates in fundraising and stewardship efforts as needed.

This all-volunteer group, the composition of which is intended to be reasonably representative of the diversity of the communities served by 88.5 WFDD, meets quarterly to receive updates on station programming, audience, fundraising efforts, budgeting, and policies, and to provide feedback and recommendations for how the station can better serve its stakeholders.  The quarterly CAB meetings are open to the public; however, closed sessions may be held to consider matters relating to individual employees, proprietary information, litigation and other matters requiring the confidential advice of counsel, commercial or financial information obtained from a person on a privileged or confidential basis, or the purchase of property or services whenever the premature exposure of such purchase would compromise the business interests of any such organization.

The CAB is an advisory body only, and is not authorized to exercise any control over 88.5 WFDD's daily management or operations. The purpose of the community advisory board, as mandated by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, is to provide a vehicle for effective community input to the station's governing body about station programming, community service, and impact on the community from the station's major policy decisions.

Members of the CAB are nominated by current CAB members and 88.5 WFDD staff and selected by current CAB members. Members serve three-year terms and may repeat terms if so desired.

Click here to view the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's Community Advisory Board requirements.

WFDD Community Advisory Board Members

  • Ulli Becker
  • Arthur DeBaugh
  • Ivan Saul Cutler
  • Dr. Sara Fletcher
  • Jan Ward Hampton
  • Megan Hayes
  • Mary Henshaw
  • Beth Hoagland (Ex Officio)
  • Susan Morris (Vice Chair)
  • Jasmine O'Connell
  • David Petri
  • Mayra Ramirez
  • Takeisha Redd
  • Anna Shyfrina
  • Bill Stallings
  • Wende Walker
  • Bernadette "Bernie" Wallace
  • Jamie Wallis (Chair)
  • Latonya Wright