What is Hive®?

In a nutshell, Hive® is WFDD’s education program, but if you want the full story, here it goes: The symbol of a Hive dates all the way back to Ancient Rome. The idea behind it is simple: the bees represent the workers, and the hive the industry. At WFDD, Hive means much more than that. Our education program aims to provide students from ages 10 to 65+ the tools to change the world through storytelling. Yes, it sounds like an impossible task, but is it? Think about it for a second. Think of that one story that made you rethink a preconception that you had, or that made you understand a point of view you had not considered before. We believe that there’s no such thing as ONE world. There are over 7 billion interpretations of it and if you change just one person’s life, you’ve changed everything.

Every one of our programs builds on each other to achieve this goal just like the cells in a hive. Every student comes in with a question they want to explore, we provide them with the tools and they go out into the world to find the information needed before they return and transform that into a story. We could go on and on drawing parallels between a beehive and our programs, but like we tell our students: “In radio, it’s better to show than to tell

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Radio 101 students in studio
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Radio 101 students at RJR

About Radio 101

Narrative storytelling requires a high level of analysis, observation, in-depth interviewing, and rigorous reflection: skills that students develop in this program.

Through a partnership with R.J. Reynolds high school, students in grades 9 through 12 can take this Honors class and receive credit that counts towards their graduation requirements. While not all of them will go on to pursue a career in journalism, the goal of this program is to allow students to develop skills that are transferable to any field. Take interviewing for example, we all could use a little bit more of active listening in our lives.

Radio 101 allows students to interact with experts across the country, interview friends and family members, and produce work that has a real-world impact. You can check out some of the award-winning stories right here:

If you are a teacher or a school administrator interested in bringing this program to your school, get in touch with us! We have workshops, lesson plans, and a lot of fun activities to include in your curriculum.

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Radio 101 students
Student voice-tracking
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Radio 101 - After School Program

High school students can take advantage of Radio 101 no matter what school they go to, or how crazy their class schedule is. Every year, we open up our studios to a new class of youth reporters ready to tackle some tough topics from their unique point of view. This program is completely free. The only requirement is a commitment to telling stories that matter. If that sounds like you or someone you know, sign up!

  • Fall Semester: applications usually open around mid-August.
  • Spring Semester: applications usually open around late January.

Join Our After School Program

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For middle-school students, Radio Camp offers the chance to learn the basics of audio storytelling and editing, how to use professional grade software and hardware, conduct interviews, write and mix a three-minute feature story for air. All of that in just one week. It's a different kind of summer camp.

"Empirical evidence first: No complaining when he had to get up and dressed early in the morning during summer break. (We live in Greensboro, so had to commute into Winston-Salem.) The drive home each day consisted of Max chattering about what he got to do that day, what he wanted to try the next day, etc. For context, it’s usually pulling teeth to get more than a one-word description of any activity he participates in when we’re out earshot." - Max's mom. 

Radio Camp is a summer day camp in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and Boone. The dates for this coming year are usually available at the end of January. Spots fill up quickly so make sure to mark your calendars.

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Radio Camper editing
Radio Camper editing
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Thanks to the generosity of parents and past campers we are now able to offer a needs-based scholarship for two students each summer. If you love what your child learned in Radio Camp, or if you want to make sure that any kid has the option to participate, you can make your donation to the Scholarship fund here.

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