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7:16pm Jan 26, 2020
Youth Youth Education Gender

School, Interrupted Part 3: 'Til It Happens To You

Talking about sexual assault at schools is uncomfortable. It can be much more so for teenagers. However, not talking about it, doesn’t make it go away. Just in 2018, there were 70 incidents reported in North Carolina alone.

On the third episode of our Radio 101 series, School, Interrupted, youth reporters Leah Fisher, Ian Doss and Trey Shore look into the culture that allows acts of sexual misconduct to go unchecked in our schools.

4:19pm Jan 28, 2020
National National Music & Culture

The Singing Snowplow Driver Of Bozeman, Mont.

Snowplow drivers spend long, dangerous hours behind the wheel. A Bozeman, Mont. driver singing about his travails on YouTube has gone Montana-viral — in part because sings choir and opera as a hobby.
4:19pm Jan 28, 2020
National National

What The Museum of Chinese In America Lost In A Fire

Nancy Yao Maasbach, president of the Museum of Chinese in America, talks with NPR's Ari Shapiro about the many items in their permanent collection destroyed by a fire last week.
4:19pm Jan 28, 2020
World News World News Politics & Government

Trump Announces Middle East Peace Plan

On Tuesday, President Trump announced his plan for Middle East peace alongside Israel's prime minister — and without any input from Palestinians.
detail from the cover of Children of Virtue and Vengeance
Henry Holt and Co.
7:37am Jan 28, 2020
Books Books Arts

YA Fantasy Where The Oppression Is Real

Tomi Adeyemi's new book, Children of Virtue and Vengeance, is fantasy for young adults. But the issues it's dealing with — racism, oppression and war — are very real. And they're not sugarcoated.
1:20pm Jan 27, 2020
Arts Arts

'Fresh Air' Remembers 'PBS NewsHour' Host Jim Lehrer

Lehrer, who died Jan. 23, was a nightly figure on PBS news for more than three decades, and moderated presidential debates in every election from 1988 through 2012. Originally broadcast in 1988.