8:00am Apr 19, 2019
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Spiders Avoid Foods That Leave A Bad Taste

Scientists and students at Wake Forest University recently unveiled new research on spiders. It turns out these arachnids have a refined sense of taste.

3:43pm Apr 18, 2019
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'Superstreet' Proposal Gets A Public Meeting In Boone

A special meeting next week is set to discuss a major road project the state is planning in Boone. But disagreement over a proposed median on N.C. 105 could impact the project’s timeline.

11:27am Apr 22, 2019
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Sri Lanka Blames Islamist Militant Group For Easter Attacks

Government officials in Sri Lanka say that a little-known Islamist extremist group is responsible for the Easter Sunday attacks that killed almost 300 people. No group has claimed responsibility.
8:24am Apr 21, 2019
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Missed Connections: 1969 Humanitarian Trip To Africa

In our latest "Missed Connections," Helen Chapple, Saul Blair and Graham Hinton reunite to talk about how a humanitarian trip to Africa 50 years ago changed the trajectory of their lives.