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Natalie Lynch at home with her youngest child, Maycen. In 2014, when Lynch was pregnant with her older child, she spent two weeks before giving birth in a prison cell, mostly alone.
Sarah McCammon / NPR
5:19pm Jun 16, 2019
National National

Pregnant, Locked Up, And Alone

Natalie Lynch spent the last two weeks of her pregnancy in a prison cell, mostly alone. As female incarceration rates rise, some states are banning solitary confinement of pregnant women.
Each of these vignettes required 37 "hexies," little hexagonal scraps cut from donated neckties.
Dan Meyers
10:00am Jun 16, 2019
Arts Arts

These 'Ties That Bind' Explore Life With Father

A group of women calling themselves the Catskilled Crafters took apart hundreds of donated neckties to make fabric art exploring their relationships with their fathers and the men in their lives.