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2:22am Mar 18, 2018
World News World News

The U.K., U.S. And Russia's Election

NPR's Scott Simon speaks to The Guardian's Moscow bureau chief Andrew Roth about the Russian presidential election and how recent diplomatic blows with the U.K. and the U.S. play into the campaign.
6:00pm Mar 17, 2018
World News World News National Economy

Steel Tariffs Could Crunch Foreign Carmakers In The U.S. South

Mercedes Benz USA showed off its new headquarters in Atlanta — all in the midst of a possible trade war that could affect the car industry in the South, which has become a truly global car market.
8:13am Mar 17, 2018
World News World News Politics & Government

Russian Trolling Continued After Election

U.S. citizens continue to be targeted by Russian operatives online. Ajah Hales was contacted by a Facebook page that promised to promote black-owned businesses like hers. She talks with Scott Simon.