The Public Radio Society

88.5 WFDD has a long and distinguished history in the Piedmont Triad and High Country. In the fall of 2016, we celebrated our 70th birthday. We’re proud to be North Carolina’s longest continuously-broadcasting public radio station, and the state’s charter NPR member station. 

It takes contributions of all sizes for us to fulfill our mission. Our major donors take the lead and provide an essential base of support, making certain that we can continue to serve our community. 

Public Radio Society: $1,200 - $9,999

  • Recognition on Public Radio Society webpage
  • Invitations to special station events, including WFDD's annual "Behind the Scenes at NPR" trip
  • Day Sponsor announcement on 88.5 WFDD
  • Studio tour and lunch at station

Cornerstone Society: $10,000 - $24,999

  • All of the above, plus . . .
  • On-air recognition
  • Private studio tour
  • Observe live production of Morning Edition or All Things Considered
  • Neal Charnoff (or the on-air voice of donor's choice) will record custom, outgoing message on donor's voicemail

Visionary Society: $25,000 and up

For more information on 88.5 WFDD's Visionary Society, please contact us to discuss opportunities that meet your philanthropic objectives and help advance the strategic vision of WFDD, and to learn about the various benefits available to you at this giving level.

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Thank You To These Current Public Radio Society Members

  • Dale and Nancy Allison
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Babcock
  • John M. Barcus and William W. Crone
  • Dick and Alison Barron
  • Bert Bennett and Beth Townsend
  • Anne Boyle and Mark Espeland
  • Hedy Breckenridge
  • Wendy and Mike Brenner
  • Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm Brown
  • Claudia Cannady
  • Karen Carey
  • Chip and Joan Celestino
  • Woody Clinard
  • Bob Conn
  • Linda Ertel
  • Steve Feldman and Leora Henkin
  • Dr. Jack Grant
  • Benjamin and Jennifer Graves
  • Dr. Caryl J. Guth
  • David and Cathy Hurd
  • Linda Hylander
  • Dr. Obi Ikwechegh and Dr. Adobi Aseme
  • Cor and Constance Jacobs
  • Pam and Fred Kahl
  • Alan Kirby
  • Adrienne Amos Livengood
  • Kent and Tonya Manning
  • Jack and Jan McManus
  • Robert and Cama Merritt
  • Patti and Mike Moran
  • Barbara R. Morgenstern
  • Christine and Michael Morykwas
  • Peter and Silvia Moser
  • Dan and Bonnie Murphy
  • David and Ann Raper
  • Karen D. Shearin
  • Kelly Sigle and George Marple
  • Ron and Becky Sigrist
  • Joyce E. Speas
  • Bill Stallings
  • Sandy and Bill Steele
  • Claire and Randall Tuttle
  • Howard Upchurch and John Hoemann
  • Laura and Tom Von Ahn
  • Bill and Jean Wilson
  • Joan Wright
  • Dick and Lisa Yeomans additional members who remain anonymous.