May 25th, 2021 -- A Message From WFDD’s General Manager

It has been a year since George Floyd was murdered, and since our country entered a period of reckoning long overdue. We have witnessed racism rear its ugly head in myriad ways, and watched protests and calls for justice unfold. As we reflect back on this past year, I want to explicitly state the values and beliefs that all of us at WFDD hold dear. Let me be very clear. I, and all members of our staff, denounce racism in all its harmful forms and we are allies to people of color. We believe that Black lives matter—it’s simply human decency. We categorically reject all forms of discrimination, including, but not limited to, misogyny, sexual and gender discrimination, religious intolerance, and age and ability discrimination.

We’ve had a diversity statement for years, and we believe that statement is important. However, we also believe that any statement is only as good as the strength of our character and our actions. I want to take this opportunity to share openly the steps we have been—and are—taking toward growing our staff in a way that represents the communities we serve. Having a staff that more accurately reflects the diversity present in our communities will make us a better public service.

We have made great strides toward our goals over the last few years . . . but we acknowledge that we have a long way to go before even thinking we have been successful. Here are some things we have been working on and what you can expect in the near future:

  • We have worked to increase the diversity of our community advisory board (CAB), which advises WFDD management on programming and outreach, to match the diversity we see in our own communities. These efforts have been underway for a few years, and I feel we are finally getting close to where we should be. One of our most recent CAB members was chosen for his years of HR experience working directly to build diversity at large corporations.
  • WFDD is increasing our work with our Hispanic and Latinx community. When we saw that there was a lack of COVID-19 information in Spanish, we created a Spanish version of our Coronavirus blog; it soon became our most visited page at wfdd.org. We’re building on that good work: WFDD has now been awarded a grant by Report for America that will establish a full-time bilingual reporting position in our newsroom, whose sole beat will be the impact of COVID-19 on the Hispanic/Latinx community and what recovery looks like.
  • We have been planning our next expansion of newsroom reporters to specifically focus on radically changing the diversity of our reporting team, because the diversity of our newsroom does not reflect the diversity of our communities and this must change. We intend to add these new positions as our reporting needs continue to grow, so that we can better serve our audience. This is also made possible by increased listener support.
  • We are purposeful about monitoring our local news coverage to make sure we include a broad representation of people from our communities. We are actively auditing our reporting in order to measure this and build goals for the future.
  • Our Hive® education program, which offers for-credit courses in our local school system, is specifically designed to teach the craft of journalism to a diverse student population. This initiative is led by a bilingual journalist who has taught and studied around the world.
  • We’re strengthening our partnerships with regional Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), to bring a greater diversity of students into the inner workings of the station, through internships in journalism, marketing, Hive, and other WFDD initiatives and departments.
  • Public media as an industry struggles with a lack of diversity, making recruitment within the system a challenge. We have been planning a fellowship program for students of color to train and nurture young journalists, so that they may envision public media as an option for their future career.
  • We are studying our practices and the language we use, and participating in trainings and discussions created for our team and for our industry, to ensure we approach everything we do from a place of inclusion.
  • We are committed to returning to this statement to assess our progress in the work we need to do, and to issuing follow-up reports, in an effort to hold ourselves accountable.

Our work is far from over. The good news is, when we as a community recognize that these things are real problems, we also recognize that there are building blocks to solving them, and we all have a part to play in seeing positive change. We invite you to help us in this journey. We are open to any thoughts, comments, or suggestions you may have. Being the best public service we can be is our mission every day, and we take the trust you place in us very seriously.


Tom Dollenmayer, WFDD General Manager


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When it comes to obscenities, even if the word in question is often used in conversation, please refrain from that sort of language. This includes abbreviations, emojis, character/letter replacements, intentional misspellings, and any and all word modifications that try to circumvent this guideline. It also includes memes. We want to create a community where everyone feels comfortable participating. While WFDD is not responsible for the content or opinions posted by listeners or community members, we do reserve the right to remove or delete any comments that are determined to be in violation of these community guidelines. WFDD has the right to block or ban any profiles or persons who have violated these community guidelines. WFDD has an obligation to share with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wake Forest University authorities, or any law enforcement authority any statements that are directly or indirectly threatening. 

Thanks for reading, and for adhering to, these guidelines!


Guidelines For Submissions To Our Community Events Calendar

WFDD helps you share information about upcoming events, exhibits, concerts, films, and lectures, when you submit events to the online calendar. On-air announcements of events are a locally-produced public service of 88.5 WFDD and air throughout the day all week. Listings for the on-air announcements are culled directly from the website’s calendar, and are chosen at the discretion of the events calendar coordinator. The listing must focus on basic facts: who, what, when, and where. No lengthy descriptions will be given. WFDD reserves the right to edit announcements prior to posting or broadcasting. Due to the high volume of listing requests, we are unable to notify you if your listing will be posted or broadcast, though if it is accepted, it will appear on the website. Listings cannot contain any qualifying or comparative language nor can they express any ideological, theological, or political opinions. There are several items we are unable to air, including:

  • Informational announcements (e.g. National XYZ Week or Month)
  • Any event that is not open to the public
  • Your group’s weekly or monthly meeting, except when a speaker of unusual local, regional, or national prominence will be appearing
  • Any solicitation for auditions or camps
  • Requests for volunteers
  • High school, college, or church reunions
  • Events at your church or synagogue, except for significant concerts or lectures, non-liturgical in nature
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We reserve the right to reject any announcement that, in our opinion, does not meet WFDD guidelines (whether or not specifically identified above), is not in good taste, is not appropriate to be broadcast to our audience, or would be offensive to WFDD, its staff, supporters, or licensee. Eligibility for inclusion in on-air event announcements is open to both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Generally, WFDD aims to include events that, in addition to meeting the above criteria, help build and strengthen communities in the Piedmont and High Country areas (i.e., concerts, conferences, art exhibits, support group workshops, educational functions, etc.). WFDD cannot guarantee publication or air time of such materials, nor can WFDD guarantee inclusion of materials in on-air announcement of events. Events selected to be announced on-air are chosen to objectively reflect and represent the diversity of events and sponsoring organizations in the 32 counties served by WFDD.



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