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  • 4:54pm Apr 05, 2013
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    Tracking A Rise In ADHD Diagnosis

    Surveys show a marked rise in the diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, among the nation's youth. William Graf, a professor of pediatrics and neurology at Yale School of Medicine, discusses the surge in ADHD diagnosis and its potential implications.
  • 2:57pm Apr 02, 2013
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    A Focus On Adults: Living With Chronic ADHD

    With rates of childhood attention deficit hyperactivity disorder at alarming highs, a study confirms that, for many, the condition persists into adulthood. A study by the Boston Children's Hospital and the Mayo Clinic finds that the chronic form of ADHD can lead to depression and substance abuse.
  • When anthropologists tallied the use of emotional words through a century of literature, they included many books without clear emotional content — technical manuals, for example, and automotive repair guides.
    Steve Debenport / iStockphotography
    10:18am Apr 02, 2013
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    Mining Books To Map Emotions Through A Century

    Anthropologists find that the use of "emotional" words in all sorts of books has soared and dipped across the past century, roughly mirroring each era's social and economic upheavals. And psychologists say this new form of language analysis may offer a more objective view into our culture.
  • 11:03am Mar 26, 2013
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    Amid Syria's Crisis, Mental Health Care For Refugees

    There are now more than one million Syrians seeking refuge in camps and towns in neighboring Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. Many arrive without access to basic amenities, such as adequate shelter and clean water. Over two years of conflict has also left them with the mental scars of war.
  • A JAMA Psychiatry study found that 1 in 7 mothers are affected by postpartum depression.
    2:09pm Mar 14, 2013
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    Postpartum Depression Affects 1 In 7 Mothers

    Researchers aren't sure exactly why certain women are more vulnerable to postpartum depression. But authors of a new study are recommending that all pregnant women and new mothers be screened for depression.
  • With a proper balance of medication and therapy, some people diagnosed with mental illness can succeed in the workplace.
    6:04pm Feb 28, 2013
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    Balancing Work, Medication And Mental Illness

    After Elyn Saks was diagnosed with schizophrenia, she thought she'd never be able to hold a job. Saks explains how she went on to become a law professor at the University of Southern California. Dr. Richard Friedman, of Weill Cornell Medical College, discusses balancing work and mental illness.
  • 3:55pm Feb 08, 2013
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    Science of Slumber: How Sleep Affects Your Memory

    We spend a lot of time sleeping (roughly one-third of our lives, according to the National Institutes of Health). But how much downtime do our brains really need? Experts discuss the links between sleep, memory and cognition, and why our sleep patterns change as we age.
  • Bonnie Brown with her daughter, Myra, 15. Despite Bonnie's disability, Myra says her mom is everything she needs from a parent.
    12:28pm Feb 08, 2013
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    A Life Defined Not By Disability, But Love

    When she was younger, Myra didn't realize her mom, Bonnie Brown, was "different" than most. Her mother's intellectual disability was only something she realized later when her mother told her, "I know I am not like your friends' mothers, but I'm doing the best I can."
  • 9:41am Jan 25, 2013
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    The Self That's Left When Memories Fade

    Our memories and experiences help shape who we are, so what happens when memories are erased? Host Neal Conan talks with neuroscientist Daniel Levitin about the role memories play in defining our sense of self and the challenges that arise when we lose them.