• 6:50am Sep 02, 2013

    Wild Stork Picked Up For Spying In Egypt

    A fisherman saw the bird along the Nile River with a suspicious electronic device fixed to its wing. The fisherman made a citizen's arrest. Concerned officials found it was not a spying device, just a wildlife tracker.
  • 7:12am Aug 29, 2013

    Cat Sets Record For Long Hair

    A Persian long hair in Seattle named Colonel Meow set the record. His hair stretches 9 inches. It's not that crazy for that breed of cat. His owners swear that Colonel is not using any product.
  • 6:57am Aug 26, 2013

    97-Year-Old Birder Has No Intention Of Slowing Down

    At the Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge in Texas is where 97-year-old Karl Haller has been counting birds for decades. Haller says he plans to keep going for as long as he can. He already has been counting birds for more than 50 yers.
  • A whale shark dives near the surface in waters off the coast of Mexico.
    Marj Awai / Georgia Aquarium
    3:17pm Aug 22, 2013
    Science Science

    Where The Whale Sharks Go

    A nine-year study tracked more than 800 of the massive and largely mysterious whale sharks. For the first time, researchers have tracked the sharks' far-flung migration and where they may go to give birth.
  • 12:03pm Aug 21, 2013

    Donated Dog Blood Helps Give Cat Another Life

    In New Zealand last week, Rory the cat was brought to the vet after eating rat poison. He needed a blood transfusion fast. There was no time to get a donor match, so the vet took a risk and used blood from a dog donor instead. The inter-species gamble paid off.