Winston-Salem Chamber Collaborates To Define City's Brand

Winston-Salem Chamber Collaborates To Define City's Brand

4:38pm Jul 31, 2019
Downtown Winston-Salem. WFDD file photo.

The Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce is collaborating with two other groups to define what it means to live and work in Winston-Salem. Their aim is to recruit businesses to the city.

The Chamber and Winston Salem Business Inc. have teamed up with New York-based consulting group Development Counsellors International on the project. They’re also working with local nonprofits and business owners to suss out what about Winston-Salem is attractive to outside businesses and what strategies to use to bring them here.

Mark Owens is CEO of the Chamber. He says the group is seeking to define, not redefine the city’s existing slogan.

“If we say, 'Winston-Salem, City of Arts and Innovation,' what are the facts that go with that?” says Owens. “What are the advantages of living here? What are some challenges we’re overcoming that we can showcase? But we're not trying to change the tagline, 'City of Arts and Innovation.' We’re just trying to figure out the best way to recruit companies.”

The chamber has also been talking with city officials and looking at ways to break down economic barriers to disrupt the cycle of poverty that many in the city face. Owens says creating more job opportunities could help citizens thrive.

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