Poll Workers Remind Voters To Prepare For 2016 Voter ID Requirements

Poll Workers Remind Voters To Prepare For 2016 Voter ID Requirements

5:12pm Nov 03, 2015
Municipal election poll workers at precincts across the state reminded voters of the voter ID requirements that will take effect in 2016. (Photo Credit: Keri Brown/WFDD News)

Elections officials across the state are taking time to educate voters at the polls about the new voter ID requirements that will be in place during the 2016 primary in March, and there are a few key things to know.

If you voted in this year’s municipal elections, you didn’t need a government issued photo ID. But beginning next year, if you don’t have one, you’ll need to write an affidavit explaining what kept you from getting one.

Lamar Joyner, interim director for Forsyth County Board of Elections, says voters will also need the proper documentation.

“They can present a current utility bill, a bank statement, a government check, paycheck or other government document,” says Joyner.

So, let’s say for 2016 you don’t have any of those items by election day. You’ll have 10 days– since it’s a presidential election–to submit them after the fact. That means you'll be casting a provisional ballot.

“Each case will be a separate situation for provisional ballots,” says Joyner. "The elections staff does research and presents it to the board and the board decides whether the provisional is counted or not.”

This ID provision, along with other voting restrictions, are now being challenged by voting rights groups in both state and federal courts.

Earlier this month, U.S. District Judge Thomas Schroeder refused a request from state lawmakers to dismiss a challenge to the North Carolina voter ID law.

The trial is tentatively scheduled for January.


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