The city of Greensboro unveiled a new sculpture to honor Justice Henry Frye and his wife Shirley Frye downtown on Tuesday in Center City Park. 

The Fryes have called Greensboro home for the past 70 years. Henry served as the first Black chief justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court. Shirley led the integration of the city's two YWCAs in the 1970s.

Gov. Roy Cooper hailed the couple as trailblazers and state icons. He called the Fryes a dynamic duo and real-life superheroes.

"Henry and Shirley Frye paved the path of opportunity," he said. "This is a fitting tribute to their legacy, which will be remembered for decades and even centuries to come."

The statue shows the couple holding hands on top of a singular base, with plaques that honor their legacies.

Shirley said there were no words that could express the gratitude for all involved.

"Please know that we will continue to work to the best of our health and wellness to do all that is within our power to help make our city, our county and our state the best that it can be," she said.

Shirley said she and her husband truly believe they were placed here on Earth to serve.

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