Max Carter: Preserving Quaker History at Guilford College

Max Carter: Preserving Quaker History at Guilford College

10:22am Jul 30, 2014
Radio Camper Lucy Newson interviews Quaker Historian Max Carter
Mary Heisey

  Quaker history is very rich in Guilford County. Max Carter is considered an expert in this area. He is a director of Friends Center, Quaker Studies, and Campus Ministry at Guilford College. WFDD Radio Camper, Lucy Newsom spoke with him.

I met Max on the front steps of Founders Hall. I was greeted by his friendly smile, contagious laugh, and bushy, white beard. We took a seat on a bench in the sun just past the historic boxwoods on campus. Coming from a Quaker school, I had an okay understanding of what 'Quaker Studies' really is, but Max's description is much better than I could ever give you.


Quaker studies at Guilford College is a curriculum that involves students learning about the history of the religious society of Friends, [and] of the origins of Quakerism in England in the 1600s.

But that's not all. It also includes things like the spiritual roots of this tradition, Quakerism today, Quaker theology and social actions, and the Quaker testimonies. Max has worked at Guilford College for a long time and loves his job and I asked him to tell me what he enjoys about it.


I enjoy the integration of all three. Guilford is a college that believes in educating the whole person: Body, Mind, and Spirit. But it also means to integrate, to make one those things that, you know, might be different.

Max's knowledge of Quaker History combined with his knack for storytelling makes him interesting and a joy to talk to. He shared stories about various celebrities, historic Guilford College, and Quaker history. You can learn more about Max and Guilford College at

For WFDD Radio Camp, I'm Lucy Newsom.  

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