"March Against Monsanto" events planned in Triad

"March Against Monsanto" events planned in Triad

4:25pm May 24, 2013

Activists in Winston-Salem and Greensboro plan to join the March Against Monsanto, a worldwide day of protest on Saturday drawing attention to the issue of genetically modified crops.  

The effort, fueled by social media, was started earlier this year by a Utah woman after the defeat of a California ballot measure that would have required the labeling of all genetically modified organisms, GMOs.


The campaign picked up steam in March when the U.S. Senate passed a provision allowing for the sale of genetically modified seeds, even if their sale had been blocked in court. Critics quickly dubbed it the "Monsanto Protection Act," but advocates said it merely allowed farmers to continue cultivating their crops.


Earlier this week, Oregon Democrat Sen. Jeff Merkley said he'll introduce an amendment to the Senate Farm Bill repealing the act. 


Worldwide, biotech giant Monsanto has come under attack from environmentalists and others for its practices in the face of potential environmental and health dangers of GMOs. Organizers said that marches are planned in 36 countries. 


Sydney Dent, the organizer of the Winston-Salem march, said she wants to raise public awareness about genetically modified foods:


" I feel like once we get enough people informed, we'll reach a tipping point, where our major food suppliers see that we don't want to eat this food anymore, and they'll start giving us more options. And labeling it."


The Winston-Salem march begins at 1 p.m. in front of Winston Square Park and ends in Hanes Park, where there will be speakers and informational displays. The Greensboro event will be held at Governmental Plaza beginning at 2 p.m. For more information about the campaign, visit the March Against Monsanto website:  http://www.march-against-monsanto.com

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