The CARES Act moratorium on evictions for federally-backed housing has now expired. Local public housing officials say they're working with concerned residents.

Evictions had been put on hold at the Housing Authority of Winston-Salem, or HAWS, since early in the pandemic. But notices have continued to go out to keep residents informed of their balances.

HAWS says it also recently distributed pamphlets notifying individuals of the expiration, and a new 6-month repayment option. Tenants are now being given 30-day notices for non-payment, rather than the typical 14 days.

Kevin Cheshire is the executive director of HAWS. 

“I would say that our tenant rent revenue certainly has been negatively affected, but has not been as egregiously affected as I would have projected earlier on in this pandemic cycle,” says Cheshire.

Cheshire says that roughly 35 families have reported a reduction of income, which is less than he estimated. He also points out that unemployment benefits and stimulus money do not count towards reportable income, so rent obligations have not been affected.

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