Greensboro Drops Charges Against Men Who Recorded Their Arrest

Greensboro Drops Charges Against Men Who Recorded Their Arrest

4:18pm Apr 30, 2015

Greensboro police have dismissed charges  against two brothers who recorded their arrest on video. The men also received a written apology from the city and the police.


The News and Record reports that Devin Scales recorded his brother Rufus being taken to the ground by a Greensboro police officer. The video also showed a second officer grabbing for Devin Scales’ camera before the recording abruptly ended. The Scales brothers were arrested in August on various charges including impeding traffic and resisting arrest.

The Guilford County district attorney’s office dismissed Devin Scales’ charges in January as part of a plea agreement on unrelated drug charges.

All charges against Rufus Scales were later dismissed.

Howard Neumann, the chief prosecutor with the district attorney’s office, was asked to review the case against Rufus Scales.

Neumann called the nature of the interaction “bothersome” and says the officers could have handled it differently.

City Manager Jim Westmoreland sent a letter to the two brothers apologizing on behalf of the city and the police. The arresting officer, Travis B. Cole, was suspended for two days without pay.


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