This week we hear a fabulous bluegrass fiddle tune from Corinna Logsdon of High Fidelity… plus a gritty country song from Becky Hobbs… and the Alabama hit cover of another of Hobbs' songs, Angels Around Us. Hear how much country music, bluegrass, old time and gospel have in common as we continue with The Bluegrass Album Band and The Pine Ridge Boys and Patsy. That's just the beginning of this music-packed show including a moment with Mac Wiseman, a humorous topical song of Tennessee' past from the Double Decker String Band, the voices of the Red Clay Ramblers and much more.


Episode 59 Playlist

  1. Lost Indian
    High Fidellity
    High Fidelity
  2. The Boots I Came To Town In
    Becky Hobbs
    The Boots I Came To Town In
  3. Angels Among Us
    Greatest Hits Volume 3
  4. Take Me In The Lifeboat
    Bluegrass Album Band
    The Bluegrass Compact Disc
  5. Matthew 24
    Molly O'Day
    Molly O'Day and the Cumberland Mountain Folks
  6. Sin City
    Pine Ridge Boys & Patsy
    Stringband Music From Mt. Airy
  7. Break 1 - Eighth of January
    Sheila Kay Adams
    All The Other Fine Things
  8. Lonesome Train Blues
    Adam McPeak & Mountain Thunder
    The Last Dirt Road
  9. Tis Sweet To Be Remembered
    Mac Wiseman
    I Sang The Song
  10. Skillet Good & Greasy
    Mountain Park Old Time Band
    Dancing On Rocky Island
  11. Lonesome Pine Special
    The Rosin Sisters
    It's All Your Fault
  12. Pallet On The Floor
    Larry Sigmon & Barbara Poole 
    Unique Sound Of The Mountains #6
  13. Shoes & Stockings
    Alan Jabbour, Sandy Bradley, Tommy Thompson
    Sandy's Fancy
  14. Break 2 - Grey Eagle
    Presley Barker
    Just Ten
  15. Mr. Crump Don't Like It
    Double Decker String Band
    The Rest Is Yet To Come
  16. Miller's Reel - Maggie Grey - Cranberry Rock
    Scott Prouty & John Gallagher
    No Corn On Tygart
  17. The Telephone Girl
    Red Clay Ramblers
    Twisted Laurel
  18. The Rambler's Life
    South Carolina Broadcasters
    Tell Me Truly
  19. Fine Times At Our House
    Adam Steffey
    New Primitive

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