• 4:27pm Jan 22, 2020
    Transportation Transportation Housing

    Safety Improvements Coming To Downtown Crosswalk

    A dangerous pedestrian crosswalk in Winston-Salem is getting overhauled. It's part of a larger plan to address pedestrian safety across the city.

  • 7:13am Jun 06, 2019
    Poverty Poverty Economy Housing

    Housing Authority Major Player In Winston-Salem Evictions

    Since 2014, the Housing Authority of Winston-Salem filed the second highest number of evictions in Forsyth County. In 2018 alone, it brought evictions against nearly 40 percent of the households living in its public housing units.

  • 7:32am Jun 04, 2019
    Economy Economy Housing

    Eviction's Cost: It Won't Be Home Anymore

    Winston-Salem and Greensboro have among the highest eviction rates in the country. For some, the math is simple and unforgiving. Sluggish wage growth and rising rents mean you can be just one car repair, utility bill, or health crisis away from losing your home.