• Cicada: It's what's for dinner?
    Sean Bush/AP
    7:18pm May 29, 2013
    National National Science Arts Environment

    Cooking With Cicadas: No Weirder Than Eating Cheese?

    We know, eating bugs sounds strange, but 2 billion people already do it — and the U.N. has made the case for insects as a key protein source. For U.S. East Coasters, the coming of the 17-year cicadas provides an opportunity to cook with bugs. If you want to try your hand at it, there's a cookbook to guide your way.
  • 2:57pm May 28, 2013

    Spicy Spectacles: The Hunt For The World's Hottest Pepper

    Part of a competition in Northeast India, Pu Zozam ate five chili peppers, then collapsed. Food scientists call the Bhut Jolokia he ate one of the world's hottest peppers. Writer Mary Roach talks about her experience traveling to the state of Nagaland to try the pepper for herself.
  • 10:52am May 28, 2013
    Health & Safety Health & Safety

    Why Healthful Vending Machines Might Hurt The Blind

    Blind entrepreneurs who own vending machines are worried that legislative mandates to replace junk food with more healthful items will impact their business. In Oregon, the vendors are collaborating with health officials to find a happy medium.
  • For NPR producer Melissa Gray, nothing says summer more than a cold glass of limeade.
    booleansplit/via Flickr
    6:01pm May 27, 2013

    What's Your Favorite Taste Of Summer?

    Do you have a great summer recipe with an equally great story behind it? All Things Considered is looking for the ultimate summer dishes for our Found Recipe contest. To get you started, we offer memories of a steamy adventure and a recipe for thirst-quenching limeade.
  • 10:11am May 27, 2013
    World News World News

    Food Entrepreneur Is A New Breed Of Afghan Business Owner

    Morning Edition has been reporting on young Afghans helping to shape their country's future after the withdrawal of international combat troops in 2014. Shilla Qiyam, 27, is making her way in business despite her family's disapproval.
  • 2:58pm May 24, 2013
    Science Science Environment

    Reinventing Farming For A Changing Climate

    Scientists say climate change could increase pests and weeds, lengthen growing seasons and turn dry soil to dust. Farmers are already on the offensive, adopting no-till cropping methods to conserve water and experimenting with different seeds. And scientists are using a technique called gene silencing to develop new crops--without tinkering with the plants' DNA.
  • 5:20pm May 20, 2013
    Education Education

    Growing Vegetables From Seeds Takes Root For Many Gardeners

    More and more gardeners are bypassing the local nursery and instead starting their veggies from seed. Seeds are often cheaper, and they give growers a bigger choice of varieties. At a community garden in Venice, Calif., students learn the ins and outs of gardening from scratch.
  • 11:23am May 17, 2013
    World News World News Science Books

    Insects May Be The Taste Of The Next Generation, Report Says

    A report from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization says insects offer a huge potential for improving the world's food security. Peter Menzel, co-author of Man Eating Bugs, describes some insect-based cuisine and the western aversion to creepy-crawly snacks.