Writing her Future: Jennifer Fernandez of News & Record

Writing her Future: Jennifer Fernandez of News & Record

12:22am Aug 01, 2013

After years of working as journalists, most newspaper editors are pleased with having finally arrived at their high ranking position within the organization. They’re often responsible for virtually all aspects of the news operation, including the content of the paper, hiring, and budgets.

However, one editor in the Piedmont Triad doesn’t necessarily share these feelings of self-satisfaction. She recently spoke with WFDD Radio Camper Hadley Copeland.


When first meeting Jennifer Fernandez it is hard to believe she works for a newspaper. A statuesque woman with a big smile, she’s hard to miss in her flower dress. Currently, she’s the National Editor at the News and Record, but…

I’d really like to get back to writing. I like being an editor, but I still like writing the best.

Why does she like journalism as opposed to being an editor?

I like variety. I think that’s one of the reasons too, that I got into journalism because I like how it’s different every day, I mean I could come in every day at 9 am and work until 10 pm one day, and then the next day come in for a couple hours. I’ve written about mayors, and senators, and governors, and every day people. And you learn a lot! I’ve written about medical stuff, I’ve written about engineering, I’ve written about architecture… I never would have done that if I wasn’t a journalist.

Although Fernandez loves the variety of her job, she did admit to me that she has a favorite topic.

Education I think probably was my favorite topic, just because I felt it had more opportunity to help people, to help parents understand what was going on with testing, to help kids understand what was going on in their greater community… I think education probably was my overall favorite, but I did like courts a lot too. That was very interesting and very different every day. 

Despite being a native Ohioan, Fernandez is in love with Greensboro and intends to stay with the News and Record, even if she is not an editor. If she decides to take a turn in her life, she expressed interest in being a translator in China, or writing a Sci-Fi Novel.

For WFDD Radio Camp, I’m Hadley Copeland.