What You Need to Know to Testify at a WS Public Cell Tower Hearing

What You Need to Know to Testify at a WS Public Cell Tower Hearing

5:40am Jun 25, 2014
On June 26, Winston-Salem residents can learn what they can and can not say during a special use permit hearing for new cell phone towers.
City of Winston-Salem

Before you can weigh in on a new cell phone tower in Winston-Salem, are you a resident in good standing? Find out at a public meeting.

Winston-Salem City Council members are still in limbo as to whether or not they will award two special use permits to American Towers and AT&T. The companies want to build a new cell phone tower in the city’s North East and South wards.But according to city leaders, there’s some confusion surrounding how the council makes this decision. On Thursday, June 26, the city will host a free, public meeting explaining the hearing process. It will be in the Bolton Home & Garden Building at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds. Attendees should enter through Gate 9 on Coliseum Drive. The meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. Residents can not speak with their councilman about this issue. But they can direct questions to Winston-Salem Planning Director Paul Norby or Winston-Salem City Attorney Angela Carmon.

Carmon tells WFDD's Kathryn Mobley the first thing people need to understand is that the hearing on a special use permit is a quasi-judicial process.

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