The 2020 election is not here yet but it's fast approaching, with primary early voting starting just two months from today. 

The primary is the first election in North Carolina where voters will be required to show a photo ID, although court challenges are ongoing. 

About 130 types of IDs are valid. Voters without one may still vote provisionally. Most mail-in absentee ballots will also require a copy of a photo ID.

The Triad area is among the most changed by new political districts, both for Congress and the state legislature. Voters who are unsure of their new districts can look up their voter information on the state board of elections web site. That's at

Expect lots of attention — and cash — to come to North Carolina next year. Major races have been close in recent years, and the statewide ballot will be packed with candidates for president, governor, and the U.S. Senate.

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