People angered by the U.S. Supreme Court's abortion ruling took to the streets over the weekend in cities and small towns across North Carolina. 

A protest in Lexington Sunday followed larger demonstrations in Greensboro and Winston-Salem after the court's decision to overturn abortion rights.

Britni Sizemore traveled from Thomasville to join others on the steps of the old Davidson County Courthouse on Main Street. She brought with her two children and a niece and nephew. All of the children are adopted.

Sizemore says she's a mom by choice, and that's a right all women should have.

“If women want to be mothers that's their decision, and if they don't that should also be their decision and that choice should be made between them, themselves, their doctor, their loved ones and if they have a religious figurehead, then that,” she says. “But it should not be made by politicians. Politicians make crappy doctors.” 

Sizemore says she's angry about the court's decision. That's a feeling shared by Sydney Jenkins, who organized the protest.

“I don't really feel optimistic anymore,” she says. “I was really hoping Roe v. Wade wouldn't get overturned. And when I heard the news I just was honestly filled with rage.”

Jenkins says the protest is the start of building a community of like-minded people ready to fight for abortion rights.

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