State urges vaccines and masking to maintain in-person learning

State urges vaccines and masking to maintain in-person learning

11:02am Jan 10, 2022
Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools Superintendent Tricia McManus observes an elementary classroom last January. KER BROWN/WFDD

State officials are emphasizing the importance of vaccines and masking as tools to maintain in-person learning.  

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services is urging K-12 schools to promote vaccinations and booster shots for all students and staff.

The department also says that indoor mask-wearing is key to keeping students in the classroom.

Officials say that excluding a student or staff member from school following a COVID-19 exposure should be a last resort.

The latest guidance from NCDHHS says a person exposed to COVID-19 can still attend school if they are up to date on vaccinations, if they have had a confirmed case within 90 days, or if masks were properly worn at the time of the exposure.

The department has also added a Test-To-Stay Option to further reduce absences in schools that require mask-wearing.

Under this scenario, the person exposed to COVID-19 should get tested the day they have been notified of the exposure. They should then get retested five days after the exposure, wear a mask in public settings for 10 days, and stay home when not in the classroom.

NCDHHS has incorporated these findings into its Public Health Toolkit.

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