Sara Butner: A Patron of Goodwill

Sara Butner: A Patron of Goodwill

1:08pm Jul 29, 2014
Sara Butner, the Communications Manager for Goodwill in Northwest North Carolina, is interviewed by Radio Camper Caroline Cox
Molly Davis

There are many things that you can do at Goodwill, from shopping to free help on  your resumes. Sara Butner is the Goodwill communication manager in Northwest North Carolina.  She updates Goodwill`s Facebook, Twitter , and LinkedIn pages and does much more. Radio camper Caroline Cox sat down to ask her some questions.


When Sara approached me,  she wore a navy blue dress with white flowers on it and was clearly excited. We sat down and she told me about why she became a communications manager.

I wanted to come work for Goodwill because I believed very strongly in the organization’s mission. The Goodwill focuses on work force development and job creation, and I had actually been laid off from my previous job in August of 2013 so I very keenly felt the need for work force training and job placement. So the mission was very important to me  and I was very excited about becoming a part o that organization.

We talked about what she does at Goodwill and she mentioned what she was doing for the community.


We are very closely woven with the fabric of this community. The things that people donate to one of the donation centers in Northwest North Carolina, in addition to the retail stores - and those donations stay in the community. And when those items are sold in the retail stores, that money also stays in this community to fund work force training and development for people that live right here in Northwest North Carolina.  Every year we serve more than 47,000 people, and in 2013, we placed more than 5000 people in jobs. And that has a direct immediate impact on people right here in Northwest North Carolina.

For more information, go to  For 88.5 WFDD radio camp, I`m Caroline Cox.