Report: North Carolina Public Schools Becoming More Segregated

Report: North Carolina Public Schools Becoming More Segregated

10:00am Mar 19, 2018
(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

A new report from a left-leaning think tank is raising concerns about segregation in North Carolina’s classrooms, placing some of the blame on charter schools.

When you look at demographic data from the last decade, North Carolina schools seem to be getting more racially and financially isolated. Which is to say: more segregated.

According to numbers compiled by the North Carolina Justice Center, the state’s schools have become more unequal in the distribution of low-income students and children of color.

Among other reasons, the report singles out charter schools as making the problem worse. According to the data, North Carolina’s charter schools tend to skew whiter than other public schools nearby.

The report suggests charters could help reverse the trend by providing transportation and school lunch, and working harder to meet integration goals that reflect the racial and financial makeup of the surrounding community.

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