Radio 101: Student Finds Passion in Hip-Hop Dance

Radio 101: Student Finds Passion in Hip-Hop Dance

11:00am Jul 24, 2015
Jah-ree Barber
Lopa Shah

Radio 101 is WFDD's education program for high school students.  Radio 101 reporter, Jah-ree Barber, tells his story.

Jah-ree Barber has been a hip-hop dancer for twelve years.  He has been dancing since he learned how to walk and still loves to "bust a move".

Jah-ree's first signature dance was the Harlem Shake. Later, he learned other styles like popping and locking and KRUMPing.

"He easily learned different dances, no matter what it was, and was very persistent about perfecting that craft," says his mother, LaRonda Clark.

Esha H, an international hip-hop choreographer and owner of E-ARTSTUDIOS, tells Jah-ree that hip-hop started as a street style of dance.  It entered the mainstream thanks to dance competition shows like "America's Best Dance Crew" and "So You Think You Can Dance." Both shows prominently feature hip-hop dances.

Both Esha H and Jah-ree proclaim their love of hip-hop dance.  For Esha H, it is about "learning to say stories and speak on things that are sometimes difficult to vocally express.  It's just the rawest, most genuine way or being who you are through the movement."

Jah-ree agrees.

"I definitely express me through my dancing: my creativity, my skill, my passion, my joy, my everything."