Home can feel mundane at times. It's where you get up and get ready for work, where you do chores, and where you work on your taxes.

But home is also likely where you feel safest and at your most intimate. It's where you celebrate or mourn, and where you watch your kids grow up.

Home is also where Matthew Houck, who performs as Phosphorescent, produced his latest album, Revelator. Recorded at his home studio in Nashville, it's his first full-length album since 2018.

The songs find him in a contemplative place: a man at home with a young family, pondering nature and the passage of time. Houck's family appear in different ways on the album: His daughters inspired lyrics, and the first Phosphorescent song to be written by someone other than Matthew was written by his wife.

In this session, Houck talks about overcoming writer's block on Revelator, and about his 2022 cover series, The Full Moon Project.

Watch the full session above, or you can tune in to audio version down below:

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