The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services is discussing public health strategies to reduce firearm violence and misuse.

Officials released a 10-page white paper Thursday, outlining what they call a public health approach. That includes defining the problem through data and other means, identifying risk factors, and developing prevention strategies. At a press briefing, Health Secretary Kody Kinsley says part of this plan is also the need for action.

“And as we look at the rates of violent death, suicide, homicide, accidental self-harm — and then all too often that gun or firearm misuse is connected to these things — you know, it is really important for us to do better as a state,” Kinsley says. 

He adds that the white paper follows up on a roundtable last week of health, education, and law enforcement professionals discussing current efforts. According to the whitepaper, five North Carolinians die per day from a firearm-related death.  

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