NC Senate Committee Clears Medical Hemp Oil Bill

NC Senate Committee Clears Medical Hemp Oil Bill

1:00am Jun 26, 2014
A North Carolina Senate committee cleared a medical hemp oil bill on Wednesday. The bill is intended to help people with epilepsy.
by: Coleen Whitfield via Flickr

A bill that legalizes medicinal oil for epileptic patients made from a marijuana plant has received unanimous approval from a North Carolina Senate committee.

(NC Associated Press) - The Senate Rules Committee approved the bill Wednesday, after brief discussion and testimony from parents of children with epilepsy. The bill would legalize and regulate hemp oil extract, made from a marijuana plant, to be used in treating severe epilepsy that has not been responsive to three or more treatments. 

Lawmakers say the hemp oil, which is made into syrup and taken by a patient, would not make anyone high.

The state House passed the bill last week. Henderson County Republican Sen. Tom Apodaca championed the bill, saying he would do all he could to help families who have watched their children suffer for years. 

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