NC Lawmakers Scrutinize NCFast, NCTracks

NC Lawmakers Scrutinize NCFast, NCTracks

7:43am Oct 08, 2013
DHHS Secretary Aldona Vos
North Carolina Dept. of Health & Human Services

North Carolina state legislators are spending a full day scrutinizing the Department of Health and Human Services, especially a pair of computer systems that aren't working well for some doctors and food stamp applicants.

Two General Assembly committees scheduled a joint meeting in Raleigh today to examine the NCTracks and NC FAST networks, They cost several hundred million dollars to build and operate. Hundreds of medical providers are waiting to collect payments through NCTracks to treat Medicaid patients. NC FAST glitches have led to slow processing of food stamp requests. A health committee expects to hear later from DHHS Secretary Aldona Wos on Medicaid spending and employee salaries and contracts. She's taken heat recently for signing personal service contracts that pay six-figure salaries.

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