Polls opened early this morning throughout North Carolina. Many voters in the Piedmont were greeted with drizzle, rain and wind. But it didn't seem to dampen their enthusiasm.

WFDD visited two polling locations in Lewisville to find out from voters across the political spectrum what brought them to the polls, which issues resonate most, and how the six proposed amendments to the state constitution are being received.

For Republican voter Ronnie Dixson, the motivation for coming out to vote today was straightforward.

“We're tired of all the lies on TV that the democrats are putting out there,” says Dixson. “And so, we're trying to get all the Democrats out of office.”

Those sentiments are strongly echoed by Trump supporter Rita Doran.

“I want to make America great again,” she says. “I'm very pleased with how things are going, so I use my voter's rights.”

Volunteers pass out voter pamphlets in front of Unity Moravian Church in Lewisville. DAVID FORD/WFDD

Democratic voter Joseph Dickson was driven to the polls by Trump too, but in a different direction. He says he has not been impressed with the administration, and laments what he feels is a country divided. Dickson sees that same divisiveness playing out in North Carolina's General Assembly, and the proposed amendments to the state constitution.

“I voted against them all,” says Dickson. “They were not called for or needed.”

Ronda Violette came out to make sure her voice was heard. She says that even though it's a midterm lacking a gubernatorial and senate race, she thinks this one matters. The mother of two young children says the issue on her mind today is gun control.

“They're going to be starting school soon, and I'm afraid for their safety,” says Violette. “I really wanted to get out and try to vote some people into office who might think thoughtfully about measures to help keep them safe.”

Safety is on the mind of Lewisville voter Joe Fortino as well.

“We need to protect our country, and to be able to protect the border,” says Fortino. “We have to make the law work for where we are today in our environment, and what we need to do to protect the country.”

Fortino also speaks to the need for reconciliation.

“We need to be able to find a way to come together so that we can work as teams between Republicans and Democrats.”



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