More Details on 'Officer-Involved' Shooting Released

More Details on 'Officer-Involved' Shooting Released

10:27am Feb 14, 2013
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Greensboro Police have released more details about the officer-involved shooting which left one man in critical condition, and a police officer with minor injuries.At about 7:30 on Tuesday evening, Kellie Campbell called 9-1-1 because she was concerned about the welfare of her 2-year-old son.  She told the dispatcher that her husband, Tommy Campbell Jr., had been acting irrationally, and that he had stopped taking his medication for an existing mental illness.  Two patrol officers went to the apartment on Lawndale Drive to check on the welfare of the child.

Mrs. Campbell also said during her call to 9-1-1, that although Mr. Campbell had no history of violence, his behavior was out of character for the 34-year-old man, and that led her to believe that their son may be in danger.  Then, before police arrived, they were notified that Mr. Campbell had assaulted a neighbor by grabbing her face and pushing her against a wall. When the arrived, Officer T.L. Simpson tried to talk with Mr. Campbell, but he was speaking incoherently and, police say, immediately began assaulting her. 

According to a witness, at some point in the assault, Simpson used her pepper spray, which was against Mr. Campbell, and he struck Officer Simpson repeatedly until she was forced to the ground outside the apartment.  She then shot Mr. Campbell multiple times, finally ending the assault.

Mr. Campbell was taken to Moses Cone Memorial Hospital, where he remains in critical condition. Officer Simpson was taken to the hospital to have her injuries evaluated and treated.  She was released on Wednesday.

The Greensboro Police Department's Professional Standards Division is investigating to determine whether departmental policies were followed during the incident, and Officer Simpson will remain on administrative duty until the criminal investigation is complete.

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