Meet The Artist: Soulstice 7th

Meet The Artist: Soulstice 7th

3:55pm Aug 15, 2013
Radio Camper Lilly talks to Raheem Kashon
Molly Davis-WFDD


Raheem Kashon is the lead singer of the band, Soulstice 7th. They are an indie soul band from Winston-Salem. Playing, jazz, soul, R&B, indie and more, all the songs have amazing lyrical content with an electric sound unlike any other. The experience at a concert of Soulstice 7th is "almost like church in a way" Raheem states.

WFDD radio camper Lilly Young recently sat down in a rocking chair and interviewed Raheem.



I met with Raheem, a tall man with a purple button down shirt and navy colored sweatpants. We went to the porch of the WFDD Studios and picked out two rocking chairs. Once Raheem sat down we immediately started our conversation. I first asked Raheem how he came up with his band name.

The solstice is a time of year where the Earth swings on it’s axis and it actually changes the season from spring to summer, fall to winter. And we wanted to use that idea in the way that we express our approach to music. We use the “u”, in s-o-u-l, of course, to give it the soul music type feeling and then the 7th was because, is the number of completion and the a lot of thought processes or schools of thought....and there were 7 people I guess, so basically, we use the 7 to, you know, I guess, signify that.

Then, I asked Raheem if he had any advice for new musicians.


Before you go on this path, make sure it is your passion. But I think that the most important thing is just to understand what you will and won’t do, how far you will and won’t go, what’s, like, your core values and beliefs and sticking to that.  And again, some things that might not be core you may be able to bend and evolve. But some things are just core for me and I won’t move from that. And I think that is important to have, just really have an idea of what you want to do and who you are.

Another thing Raheem told me was that his band usually attracts an audience of people ages 25-35. He also said that most of the time, those people were "artsy" and didn't mind a song with bluegrass, folk, and rock all in one.


For WFDD Radio Camp, I am Lilly Young.