Inform, Learn, Vote: Kids Voting- Guilford County

Inform, Learn, Vote: Kids Voting- Guilford County

4:32pm Aug 01, 2013
Radio Camper Elijah Walker intently works on his story.

Diane Lowe is the Executive Director of Kids Voting-Guilford County. Lowe believes in a strong education for kids of all ages. But as WFDD Radio Camper Elijah Walker recently discovered, her class offerings extend far beyond reading, writing and arithmetic. 


I met Diane Lowe at the Cultural Arts Center lobby in downtown Greensboro. She looked very professional in a blue formal shirt and black pants. She seemed anxious to begin the interview and her enthusiasm for what she does was clear from the moment we began talking.

I think it’s really important that we all are responsible citizens, and part of that is participating in our democracy...understanding what's going on in our community, what’s going on in our world, understanding the issues, where the candidates stand on the issues, so that you can elect someone that you feel will represents your interests.

Diane believes that the more education children receive, the better citizens they’ll be when they become adults.

Kids Voting is a civic education program. It is for students from kindergarten through 12th grade. So we serve all students in public schools, private schools, home school, charter schools. The idea is to teach kids from a young age about our democracy, how government works, understand how they can become involved in our government, teach kids how to research candidates, to research issues.

Diane is gearing up for the school year starting August 26th.

For WFDD Radio Camp, I’m Elijah Walker.