House Committee Proposes Giving Schools Flexible Start Dates

House Committee Proposes Giving Schools Flexible Start Dates

11:14am Mar 13, 2019

State lawmakers are considering letting some schools start their calendar year earlier, but their proposals face opposition from the tourism industry.

A House Education Committee is backing a bill that would allow public schools to match calendars used by community colleges. That would mean schools could open as early as August 15th.

Another bill would allow for a pilot program letting school districts in 22 counties try out an early start date.

But some lawmakers are opposed to both proposals, saying they would hinder the tourism season, cutting into summer vacation time.

The News and Observer reports the Senate failed to act on similar bills in 2017.

Current state law says schools can start no earlier than the Monday closest to August 26th.

School officials have complained this limits their ability to make up time lost to weather emergencies.

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