High Point Planning a Park for City's West Side

High Point Planning a Park for City's West Side

12:24pm Sep 10, 2013
Site of proposed Westchester Park in High Point
City of High Point

It's not an absolutely done deal yet, but most of the High Point residents who have expressed opinions think a new park for the city is a good idea.

  And city Parks and Recreation Director Allen Oliver has been working with consultants and planners to make that happen...

In 2007, the City of High Point completed a Comprehensive Master Plan for Parks and Recreation... and one of the recommendations that resulted was to develop a community park for the west side of the city.  And over the next few years, about 60 acres of land was acquired, west of Westchester Drive, and north of Burton Avenue...

Funding has yet to be secured... Oliver says there may be a bond referendum... and when the park might become a reality is not yet known for sure... but it will be the first new park in High Point in about 15 years.

To see and download a .pdf of the entire Master Plan for the proposed Westchester Park drafted in August, click here.

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