Hi-Tech Now An Essential Tool On Southwest Farms

Hi-Tech Now An Essential Tool On Southwest Farms

2:24pm Mar 30, 2015
Robots still haven't caught up to the precise hand/eye coordination of human hands. Here, a crew strips heads of iceberg lettuce, and gets them ready to be packed and shipped for Dole. (Kate Sheehy/KJZZ)

Much of the country’s fresh fruits and vegetables are grown in the Southwest and harvested by farm workers.

But these days, a successful harvest relies on a combination of three different factors: farming, technology and venture capitalism.

From the Here & Now Contributors Network, Kate Sheehy from the Fronteras Desk at KJZZ reports.


  • Kate Sheehy, senior field correspondent with Fronteras: The Changing America Desk at KJZZ. She tweets @khsheehy.
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