Guilford Co. School Employee Accidentally Releases Student Data

Guilford Co. School Employee Accidentally Releases Student Data

5:45pm Jul 08, 2013
Page High School student data was accidentally shared with a non-Guilford County Schools person last week.
Ian Britton via flickr

  A Guilford County Schools employee accidentally shared a file containing personal information about more than 450 rising seniors at Page High School last week.  A statement from the school system says the information contained student names, addresses and other data but not  social security numbers.  

The information was included in a PDF file that was mistakenly sent to a Page High student's guardian on Tuesday.  Superintendent Maurice Green says the information was shared with just the one person.  He says the system plans to review and strengthen the district's data sharing protocols, training and communications.   

GCS has set up a special phone line and email address for Page High parents, particularly those of rising seniors:

336-332-0810 - available until 8 p.m. Mon., July 8 and from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tues., July 

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