Get Housing For Homeless First, Says Advocacy Group

Get Housing For Homeless First, Says Advocacy Group

9:25am Aug 26, 2014

One Guilford County group is trying a different approach to help end homelessness and  area churches may play a unique role. 



Groups working to reduce homelessness met in Greensboro to discuss a plan which would emphasize putting people in homes first, and then providing other support services. The idea is that homeless people who have the most pronounced mental, physical and social challenges are better served if first they are living in a stable environment. 

Darryl Kosiak with Partners Ending Homelessness calls this a best practice that’s being used nationally. “It's meeting people where they are, targeting resources to those people and working with them so they can maintain their own housing stability."

Kosiak also says his organization is tapping into area churches and their congregations that may own rental properties. “So people in the faith community, if they have one or two smaller units they are landlords for or part of an apartment complex, they could help participate with us.”  In addition, Kosiak wants congregations to donate house-warming baskets as well as donating gently used furniture.

During a one day count this past January, there were nearly 900 homeless people in Guilford County.



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