Ethnosh Brings People Together Through Food

Ethnosh Brings People Together Through Food

7:53am Mar 26, 2015

A unique program in Greensboro connects food-lovers with the wide variety of immigrant-owned ethnic food businesses. Ethnosh is devoted to promoting cross-cultural engagement through culinary events.

For this week's WFDD Dining Room, our occasional series focusing on tastes and trends in the Triad, Neal Charnoff speaks with Ethnosh co-director Donovan McKnight. 

Donovan says that diners learn how some of their favorite foods are in fact savored around the world. Okra, for example, is a southern staple which can also be found in South Asian and West African cuisine.  Donovan believes that food is an ideal avenue to build cultural bridges. 

"There's something that happens when people sit down and break bread together that really lets people open up and share experiences and even celebrate the differences." 

Donovan believes that Ethnosh events are indeed celebrations of the diversity in the Triad community. Social and cultural leaders, including the mayor, have taken part in Ethnosh evenings. 

"This sort of thing is something that Greensboro ought to be celebrating more," Donovan says, "We didn't anticipate such an overwhelming response."

The next Ethnosh event takes place Monday March 30th at Slices By Tony in Greensboro. 


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