Danville Settles With Duke Energy Over Coal Ash Spill

Danville Settles With Duke Energy Over Coal Ash Spill

11:32am Apr 20, 2016

City Council in Danville, Virginia approved a $2.4 million dollar settlement from Duke Energy for damages caused by the coal ash spill in Eden. The council approved the resolution at a closed special session Tuesday evening.

The spill happened at Duke’s shuttered Dan River Steam Plant in February of 2014. About 39,000 tons of coal ash were released into the Dan River, which flows north into Virginia.

Council member Lee Vogler told the Danville Register and Bee the settlement was a good deal for the city.

The former mill town has received $3 million dollars overall from Duke Energy. That includes $500,000 for a project to improve a local park.

There were no immediate environmental problems following the spill, but biologists say it’s still too soon to know the long-term effects on the river.

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality will continue to monitor water quality, sediment and fish.

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