Cooper Signs Bill To Support Summer School Programs

Cooper Signs Bill To Support Summer School Programs

11:07am Apr 12, 2021

A new law signed by Governor Roy Cooper creates a summer school program to address COVID-19 learning loss. The governor also signed legislation that makes changes to the Read To Achieve initiative.

North Carolina lawmakers unanimously approved a bill that requires districts to offer all public school students at least 30 days of in-person summer instruction. Schools are also being asked to provide extracurricular activities related to sports, music, and arts.  

Lawmakers say they consider summer school a necessary response to the limited in-person instruction students have received during the pandemic. The News and Observer reports federal coronavirus relief funds will help to pay for the schooling.

A second bill signed by the governor addresses reading scores that have declined despite the much-touted Read To Achieve program. The bipartisan legislation requires teachers to receive training on what is known as the “science of reading,” which employs the use of phonics.

It also includes performance bonuses for teachers who are successful in raising student test scores.

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