Cooper Sees Poor Example Of Coronavirus Management In Washington

Cooper Sees Poor Example Of Coronavirus Management In Washington

5:01pm Oct 06, 2020
NC Governor Roy Cooper. (09/22/20 Governor Cooper Briefing )

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper says President Donald Trump is setting a poor example when it comes to the coronavirus. He made his comments at a press conference Tuesday. 

More than two thousand people tested positive for Coronavirus in North Carolina on Monday — among the highest caseloads since July. And the average number of new cases has steadily climbed in recent weeks as well.

Both trends come on the heels of Governor Cooper’s Phase 3 announcement. He cautions North Carolinians against dropping their guard during this period of recovery, when it comes to reducing the spread of COVID-19.

He says the recent outbreak following the White House ceremony where maskless participants sat close together isn’t helping. 

"You can see what happens even with testing going on," says Cooper. "So, that’s just the wrong signal to be sending when we know that it is scientifically proven. And it’s frustrating to see and hear the opposite coming out of Washington."

Cooper says the state’s methodical approach to easing restrictions will work safely, but only if citizens continue using proven measures: wearing a mask, waiting six feet apart and washing hands often.

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