Cooper Executive Order Aims To Help Bridge Employment Gap

Cooper Executive Order Aims To Help Bridge Employment Gap

10:38am Mar 02, 2021
Governor Roy Cooper has issued an Executive Order loosening work search requirements for those seeking unemployment benefits. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

Governor Roy Cooper has issued an executive order making it easier for unemployed North Carolinians to find work. 

The order allows the state Department of Commerce to step up efforts to help residents who file for unemployment benefits return to work.

It establishes more flexible work search requirements for all those who file for unemployment on or after March 14.

Officials say current employment search laws don’t take into account burdens posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and make it more difficult for job-seekers to satisfy the requirements. 

Cooper said in a news release that with more jobs being created by the pandemic, out-of-work residents need additional help getting hired.

The governor says that unemployment benefits have been crucial for families during the pandemic, and he wants to guarantee people can find jobs before their benefits expire. 

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