Comedian JJ Johnson Loves To Make People Laugh

Comedian JJ Johnson Loves To Make People Laugh

2:11pm Aug 15, 2013
Radio Camper Ruby and JJ Johnson
Molly Davis-WFDD

JJ Johnson is an actor, comedian and an entertainer. JJ is also part of an improv group called Nekkid Feet, and they will knock your socks off! WFDD radio camper Ruby Rose Gallagher tells us more.


I walked up to the Wake Forest quad when I saw JJ Johnson. He was waiting at a table with his coffee in his hand and a nice smile on his face. JJ Johnson is an actor and a comedian but he prefers to keep his acting style separate from his comedy life.


Interesting enough, I would rather do serious drama when I act. When I think about this I always think about the theater symbol of the sad face and the happy face. That happiness and that joking around is, you know, a lot of comedians go to the dark parts of their life  and make light of things to, you know, bring joy to other people. So that’s kind of a big thing. So, on the flip side of that, when I go into acting I like to take that dark part and put that out there because it’s emotions that need to come out.


JJ Johnson told me why he does comedy and how he feels when the crowd is laughing. This inspires him to be a comedian.


Well, you want to make people laugh but I think it’s kind of more along the lines want people to like you while you're on stage. It’s no so much the laughter, because you don’t get laughter all the time but if you are getting the audience’s attention then that is a good sign. I love to see kids giggle and laugh and I love to see people laugh, it’s a great feeling. And I love to laugh myself.


  JJ Johnson is currently about to write his stand up act and is starting from scratch while redoing a lot of the material that he has written in the past. He is really excited to put together his act. Recently he was picked up by Carolina Talent and is starting to get larger acting jobs. JJ Johnson is his happiest when he is performing and plans to continue acting and entertaining for us for many more years to come.


For WFDD radio camp, I'm Ruby Rose Gallagher.