Bringing Broadway's Best to The Triad

Bringing Broadway's Best to The Triad

2:56pm Aug 15, 2013
Radio Camper Nikki Brooks interviews comic book writer Stephen Mayer

Stan Bernstein is one of the three principal owners & operators of the new theater company Broadway's Best. It will be a drama house that will only operate in the summer season and will show critically acclaimed productions from Broadway in New York City.

WFDD radio camper Riley Burgiss recently sat down with Stan to find out what's new.




When I first saw Stan, he was wearing a blue collared shirt and black athletic pants. To avoid construction sounds, we moved to a remote bench in the Wake Forest Quad. He is a director and actor that lives in the local Triad area who helped find Broadway's Best's great location. The place that he and his team chose was an old ACE Hardware Store in Davie County. He told me why they thought that place was best.


….and so a lot of times when people think about summer theater the want to think of a think of a thing that is a little more not-inside-the-city, not inner city, more out-in-the-country, more like the old Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney movies from the 30s of “Let’s find a barn and put on a show!”. So one reason that we chose the Ace Hardware store is that it has that kind of look.

I was also curious about what specific plays he wished to see performed at the company.

We would really love to do ‘The Producers’. There is a wonderful stage version of the cartoon ‘Shrek’. Alongside the older line, we want to do things like ‘Man of La Mancha’, we want to do things like ‘Company’ from Stephen Sondheim. And with comedies it can be anything from Neil Simon to some of the more contemporary fun stuff.

Then I asked him about his other two partners in this venture.

Gene Johnson and Steve Bradford, the other two partners in Broadway's  Best. Gene and I have known each other since college.


If you're looking for some summer family entertainment in the near future, Broadway's Best is an excellent choice for all ages.

For WFDD Radio Camp, I'm Riley Burgiss.