Bookmarks Opens New Bookstore In Winston-Salem

Bookmarks Opens New Bookstore In Winston-Salem

10:32am Jul 07, 2017
A book tent at Bookmark's 2016 festival. Photo courtesy of Susan Smith.

For 13 years, the literary nonprofit Bookmarks has been sharing a love of literature in the Triad.

Their annual book festival is the largest in the Carolinas. The Bookmarks "Authors in School" program reaches 7,000 students. Upcoming public events include meetups with best-selling authors John Grisham and Daniel Wallace.

And this Saturday marks a new milestone for Bookmarks, when they’ll have a grand opening for a brick and mortar bookstore in downtown Winston-Salem.

WFDD’s Neal Charnoff sat down with Bookmarks executive director Ginger Hendricks to learn more.

Interview Highlights:

On opening a brick and mortar store:

Since 2011, our strategic plan has really called for us to create a home for the literary arts. It's a place where we can gather, where we can have author events, where we can have storytimes, and really make it our third place, meaning work, home, and then this new space, Bookmarks.

On what will distinguish Bookmarks from other regional bookstores:

We work very hard to know Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, and the Triad area. And because of that, we've worked very hard to curate a collection of books and authors that represent a variety of subjects that our community enjoys.

On whether Hendricks prefers paper or e-books:

Always on paper. I love feeling that book in my hands. I love having the author autograph that book to me, or to someone special, and I treasure that, whether it's for myself or for my children.

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