North Carolina may soon be swept up in a robot revolution. 

Lawmakers have passed a bipartisan bill authorizing and regulating the use of “small personal delivery robots” that could be used for packages, food takeout, and medical supplies.

The legislation was sponsored by Republican Senator Jim Perry. He tells The News & Observer that as a major technology hub, North Carolina is in an ideal position to institute a pilot program advancing the use of robotic distribution.

Perry points out that the devices allow for contactless delivery, and can be easily sanitized.

Companies such as Amazon and FedEx have already launched robot models that automate services for the final leg of package delivery.

While there is some concern about how automation may impact jobs, Perry says there would ultimately be more employment opportunities in design and technology.

If the legislation is signed by Governor Roy Cooper, it wouldn't take effect until December. And Perry says it would be almost another year before residents see robots rolling up to their front doors.

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